TBD Software

Your dedicated technology partner for startups. Based in France, without intermediaries, provide your project with a team of software experts.

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Our business

With passion and expertise, we accompany startups on their journey. Our experienced team, based in France, offers a direct and personalized service, without intermediaries.


We are a team of seasoned professionals, specialized in the art of bringing entrepreneurial dreams to life. Our in-depth expertise in the field of startups enables us to understand the complex nuances of the innovative product creation process. We are here to guide startups through every step, from idea to commercial reality.


Our team's experience speaks for itself. We have worked with various startups, actively contributing to their success as trusted CTOs and technical teams. Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge and skills, ensuring innovative and effective technical solutions.

A french company

By choosing to work with us, you benefit from the assurance that your project is in the hands of a local team, steeped in the spirit of French entrepreneurship. This proximity ensures a precise understanding of your vision and goals.

No intermediaries

With us, our developers are not just technical experts; they are also your dedicated project managers and team leaders. We eliminate intermediaries to foster direct and transparent communication.

Who we are

Bringing together developers with diverse skills, all graduates of EPITA, we have joined forces to form a team of dedicated professionals.

Hugh de Belloy
Ruby on Rails Bootstrap ELM

With ten years of experience in software development and entrepreneurship, I have developed a diverse set of skills. My deep understanding of the challenges my clients face allows me to design efficient and pragmatic technical solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

Philippe Durix
Ruby on Rails React AWS Postgre

With ten years of experience in various startups, I have developed expertise both technically (software development) and operationally (fundraising, growth strategy). Passionate about the challenges posed by high-growth potential companies, I am active and committed to achieving ambitious goals.

Quentin Fapdepr
React Node Nest

With 10 years of experience in software development and operational management, I have contributed to the growth of technological startups by managing budgets and devising growth strategies. My background includes diverse roles, from pure development to product management, always in alignment with the company's strategy and its level of maturity.

Guillaume Fiette
C++ C# Node Svelte

With 10 years of experience in development, I started my career as an entrepreneur before working on various projects for different clients. Passionate about technology, I have acquired extensive skills in both backend and frontend development.

Our achievements

These clients have placed their trust in us. Discover what they have to say!

Client - APL

APL helps distributors promote short supply chains, local producers showcase their know-how, and consumers consciously purchase products from their region.

Our mission:

Create a business-oriented web portal to support the transition from 50 to 500 annual clients.

I really enjoyed working with Philippe. Friendly, competent, efficient, and a great teacher! I highly recommend him.

Louis A.
Client - Pollen AM
Pollen AM

Pollen AM is the only French manufacturer of additive manufacturing systems that has developed its own technology.

Our mission:

Implement a low-tech solution to allow marketing teams to manage their sales pipeline and website content.

Philippe has been a pleasant collaborator and a source of proposals. He has successfully completed several strategic software development projects.

Didier A.
Client - Monthlee

Monthlee allows its merchant clients to offer subscription boxes with an all-in-one SaaS product.

Our mission:

Technical support to enable growth from 3 to 25 clients.

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