Guillaume Fiette

Guillaume Fiette

Senior Software Engineer

C++ C# TypeScript Node.js Svelte Vue ELM

With 10 years of experience in development, I started my career as an entrepreneur before working on various projects for different clients. Passionate about technology, I have acquired extensive skills in both backend and frontend development.


  1. Schneider Electric

    Migration to the web of an application for the configuration of factory automation architectures. The application was originally a C# installable software and has been transformed into a VueJS web application with a C# server. The core of the application has been ported to TypeScript, enabling delivery of an installable client that works offline as well.

  2. Orange

    Development and maintenance of the user data management service. This service is a backend application written in C++, notable for its requirement to handle a large number of daily requests.

  3. Société Générale

    Development and maintenance of the risk data transformation and presentation chain for the business, in C# and SQL. Frontend improvement in Angular and migration to React.

  4. Murex

    Development of new components and support in C++ and C for the storage of financial contract data. Implementation of continuous integration and development of code migration assistance tools.

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